Leopard Jasper

Medium Lifetime Warranty

This Spirit Seed features a beautiful Leopard Jasper nestled in the heart of the pinecone.

Leopardskin jasper, also sometimes referred to as jaguar stone, is a beautiful stone of many colors with distinct spotted patterns.

Leopardskin jasper is known to be a shamanistic stone due to its spiritual values which reminds us of the oneness we have with the natural world. Leopardskin jasper is connected to the physical body, supporting and strengthening the spine and thigh muscles, providing the strength to take action in challenging times. Jasper gets its name from the Greek word jaspi, which means spotted stone.

Leopard Skin Jasper is known for its neutering properties. It will support and guide you during your times of stress and anxiety, bringing you peace and serenity. It helps one see in times of the impossible, showing when to find a new path.

Using Natural materials, healing crystals, love and intention allows the makers at Spirit Seeds to create the such magic. Let this pendant bring a little bit of awesome into your life. 

Please feel your choice and listen to your intuition as Spirit Seeds are a personal piece, destined for a certain human.


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Handmade using sustainable techniques
Created to effect you from within.
Made using Handpicked Piencones
Materials insure these wonders will last a life time

Crystals & Gems

Unique Vibrations

Each affects you differently

Creating inner connection

Energetic link to nature

Canadian Pinecones

Pineal Gland

Carry a piece of the Natural World

Grounding Effects

Carries 30-40 ACTIVE seeds

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