Truly Unique

Handmade Pinecone

Handcrafted using Living Pinecones from British Columbia, Canada

One forest at a time

We believe in the transformative power of the natural world. Our mission is to show the beauty and magic of British Columbia's forests, fostering a deeper connection with nature, one pinecone at a time.

Jewelry with meaning

A healing touch for the Soul. Experience the deeper connection with our Handcrafted Jewelry.

Jewelry with conciousness

Each talisman is mindfully crafted to offer a deeper connection to nature. Every living pinecone we use contains 100 active seeds, allowing you to carry the calming energy of the forest wherever you go.

Our process

Limited batch work ensures all our pieces are made to the highest quality.

Every piece is truly unique

Like a snow flake, every piece of our jewelry is one of a kind. Each is a personal piece, made for a certain individual,

What others say...

"Each handcrafted piece has been on a journey that starts with a pine tree canopy climb and then a pairing with a crystal that resonates deep within. They tell a story of nature's beauty and our connection with it. Absolutely love Spirit Seeds."
— Jynae B.
"Every day i wear my spirit seed I feel conected to my core and heart, the loving energy from which they are made is felt...thanks for creating such awesome jewerly pendants."
— Galahadriel
"Each piece is so unique, I get questions and comments about it all the time - and I wear it ALOT. It's sparked new friendship, amazing conversation, and connections in general. I'd highly recommend these as unique gifts to anyone."
— Kara