The Journey

All journeys begin with an idea, a vision of how you want to impact the world. My journey started with a dream of inspiring creativity, creating connections, and sharing the magic of pinecones.

The Vision


Many years ago, I began exploring the mystical effects of crystals. I was drawn to their wonderful beauty and energies. and I learned about the powerful connection between the pineal gland and pinecones, as mentioned throughout history. This knowledge inspired me to start creating wearable art using these materials.

Finding the Pinecone


The first step in creating a Spirit Seed is to locate Pinecones. They are found at the top of a special variety of pine trees, deep within the lush forests of British Columbia, Canada. These trees produce a unique type of pinecone that can only be accessed from considerable heights. I climb by hand to 60-80 feet in order to handpick each pinecone. This method allows me to select pinecones with shapes specific to Spirit Seeds, ensuring that each pinecone is still alive and active.
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Crystal Hunting


My passion for adventure and sustainable choices led me to Thailand, a mecca for healing stones. There, I am able to explore the country, creating connections and contacts to find the best sources of crystals. The unique look of Spirit Seeds requires a specific shape and style of gemstone. Each piece is selected by hand and eye to match the Spirit Seed vibe. My motorbike and connections with the wonderful locals have been instrumental in fulfilling this journey.
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All Spirit Seed pendants are handcrafted using techniques that I have refined over many years. Six hours, five days a week, filled with love and intention, are dedicated to creating these pieces. Carefully pairing each stone with a cone to create beautiful symmetry, I delicately carve a space to inlay the gem in the heart of the pinecone. The soul of the crystal merges with the heart of the cone, creating an inexplicable bond that can be felt when worn. The crystal is then framed with gold-plated wire and coated with five layers of a secret resin. After being cleansed and cleared of unwanted energies, the Spirit Seed is ready for its new adventure companion.
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