Variscite and Zebrah Jasper Beadwork

Medium Lifetime Warranty

This piece has a Variscite Spirit Seed pinecone with Zebra Jasper beadwork for the necklace. 

Variscite is a powerful heart activation stone, helping to release judgement and allowing disparate people and views to be united.  It is known as an excellent meditation stone. It contains energy of the Earth, which assist in keeping one grounded and centered. This stone encourages the heart to be filled with peace and harmony, promoting balance and universal love. In return, one will come to better understand the importance to use peace and love in every situation encountered.

Zebra Jaspers energy is very motivating, mood lifting and energetic. It is said to be good for grounding during meditation and when doing spiritual work. Zebra Stone helps you to find your balance in life.

The combination of the 2 allows for an opening and healing of the heart while offering grounding and balancing of the inner self.  

The bead work is all done by hand and each bead is placed with a simple mantra. 

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Handmade using sustainable techniques
Created to effect you from within.
Made using Handpicked Piencones
Materials insure these wonders will last a life time

Crystals & Gems

Unique Vibrations

Each affects you differently

Creating inner connection

Energetic link to nature

Canadian Pinecones

Pineal Gland

Carry a piece of the Natural World

Grounding Effects

Carries 30-40 ACTIVE seeds

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