All Natural

Medium Lifetime Warranty

This beautiful, yet simple design shows the hidden heart of the pinecone in all its beauty. We carefully cut at the perfect angle to show the most of the natural art within. Even the seeds inside can be sometimes be seen! :D

"So the humble pinecone has spent centuries elevated as a symbol of all kinds of illumination. That makes sense to me because pinecones are very light sensitive. The Pineal Gland is shaped very much like the pinecone and lies at the center of our brain and is intimately linked to our body's perception of light. The Pineal modulates our wake-sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. Really Interesting  both the pinecone and the Pineal Gland not only look like each other but are also light sensitive, light affected structures"

Learn more about the handpicked process - Every pinecone used is picked by hand in British Columbia, the videos can be seen in the story section, make sure to check them out :)

All the pinecones used in Spirit Seed jewelry is alive and active, holding 30-40 seeds. You will become the care taker of a mini forest around your neck!

Each is coated with the secret "lifetime warranty" resin, to seal and ensure each Spirit Seed will last through all of life’s activities. 

Please feel into your choice and listen to your intuition as Spirit Seeds are a personal piece, each is destined for a certain human.

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Handmade using sustainable techniques
Created to effect you from within.
Made using Handpicked Piencones
Materials insure these wonders will last a life time

Crystals & Gems

Unique Vibrations

Each affects you differently

Creating inner connection

Energetic link to nature

Canadian Pinecones

Pineal Gland

Carry a piece of the Natural World

Grounding Effects

Carries 30-40 ACTIVE seeds

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